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Scarlet tulips

Sep. 20th, 2008 | 04:16 am
location: Above below
mood: happy happy
music: One More Time, One More Chance - Masayoshi Yamazaki

Scarlet tulip you are my one
Scarlet tulip you bother none
Scarlet tulip so deep below
Scarlet tulip so high above
Buried with my only love

I started playing Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning Thursday (or yesterday as I like to call it). It was as expected. Probably the only game I can afford this year too. But really, an ok game, could have been better (graphics, could have made it a bit more different than WoW (even though it's said that WoW stole elements from WAR), more gear models (geeez, I'm getting tired of looking at my pastel colored plate wearing hulking manly viking Chaos Chosen. Better coloring and models (lots of new models, been running around with the same gear models for the past 11 hours). I also think that they should have implemented some instances. WoW is fun because of the ability to raid a huge dungeon only relying on your friends. The communication, the fun of tactics. WAR is a PvP, or rather an RvR game. But some goodies for the not so hungry RvR farmers would be good.More challenging public quests that gives you lots of influence so that you don't have to grind that same thing for 2 hours, also make the loot roll system better. Hmm, what more....Oh, yeah, maybe a bit more nature, I don't really feel like I'm on some epic journey to destroy the lousy Empire and bring forth doom and destruction, I feel more like a boy scout on a walk in the woods. A bad ass boy scout with a huge shield and lots of scars. WoW made different zones different places, from dark forests too jungles and from barren wastelands to snowy plains. OK, not having jungle and snow is all ok, but I don't feel the nature. It's lame. But chaos city is pretty bad ass, a bit too confusing but nonetheless bad ass. I also miss day/night light. The sun is shining both 03.00 and 15.00. And I hope that they will bring us weather, because that really makes running around slaying people feel better. Would like to see more blood too, it's war, and Warhammer. Give us blood! And give me Black Guard!).
The good things would be how awesome each character looks. You really feel like playing an awesome Warhammer dude. Classes are funky, well balanced, but I'm not to fond of the "tank classes will be weaker to ranged dps". In the same way as "Healer classes are weaker against melee dps". I'm not fond of running around fearing that an evil elf will pop out of the shadows and give me extra ventilation. Give me some counter arrow. Some "hurl giant axe at puny elf, then maim that bastard and burn it's remains).
Wow, I'm full of words today. Other great aspects are the tome of knowledge, a great source for everything you want to know, and the history in WAR, both "main" and quest story's really give you and epic feel.

I like WAR, and I like the team behind the game. And I hope that the future patches and expansion contains some of my wishes, even though saving the nature is quite effortless. About nagging about the nature, I really haven't seen everything, this is just a tired guy who fought his way trough forests and Empire and wants some sleep. Ignore me.

Yours truly

Kubawuba the Nice otaku

Back in pink!

Aug. 16th, 2008 | 12:55 am
location: A place called home,but it might as well be a KGB death camp
mood: happy happy
music: Sherbet Snow and the Airplane - Suemitsu and The Suemith


I would probably say something cool like that if I met someone again after a vacation. Girls would drop like flies. Not that they don't do. I passed those dreaded exams I were talking about. I did not commit suicide. Ergo, I breathe once more. I also made it into the university, so now my life is probably going to hell. Then I'm secretly moving to Japan to work as a manservant.

So, I did nothing this vacation. I ate, drank, slept. You know, the basics. But as for living, I think these vacations just kills my brain activity. Well, this summer was a bit more "exciting" than the last. I spent like 2 weeks all together at Jonas' house. Lots of sleeping together. We didn't really do much though, playing Mario Galaxys, Zelda: Wind Waker and Master's Quest. And some Guitar Hero 3. And we baked an awesome cake, that we never ate. But since we baked it, it's probably good. Or deadly.

My, my vacation was boring. I spent all my money on Code Geass merchandise (even though it's fun). And I read a lot of manga. 141 chapters of History Strongest Disciple Kenichi, 69 chapters of Fullmetal Alchemist and the whole Cain Saga and 8 books of Ai Yori Aoshi. And I've read about immortality. So there is a Jellyfish race that can rewind it's life cycle. When it grows old it turns itself back into a child and repeats this until it's killed.

So, now that I'm a student I must spend all my money on books and stuff. That sucks hard, at least for a "must buy every Code Geass thing existing kind of dude" like me. Life's hard. But hey, I'm not going to die, so I have a lot of time on my hands. And since we're talking about girls, there are a lot of them on the university. Even in my "hardcore" programming lectures there are about 40-50% girls, which some of them are the true blond ones who you never ever in your whole life expected to see in that room. Life's a mystery I tell you...

And some other are pretty. Yup, got my eyes peeled, I've better plan escape routes too, they might be trying to take me down, 1000 against one. Campus' so big I've been getting lost all the time, but Time Bending Juggernaut Lazer Eyes Raptor Vlad the God is telling me where to go all the time. So you can say that he is my guardian at school since I sometimes space out and disappear. It's hard to say, but I'm not as serious as you might think I am. And they have stores there! It's awesome. Like entering a new city, full of people.

I also went shark surfing with KC. There were some awesome waves dude, and we popped out some radical tricks on the board. And we had to neutralize some of the sharks with harpoons. Was awesome yes, 5 meters tall waves. The area we were at was red with blood when we left. Hard thing being a surfer dude.

So, my fingers are getting tired of writing this "much". Compared to KC I'm probably just a little newbie trying to scratch some words into a rock block with my fingers. Anyways, better get this block of blog done.

So, as always, maybe not tomorrow, but maybe some other day.
(And by the way, if there's something about my vacation I forgot tell me about it)
(PS: I am the only one I've seen wearing as much pink as I have. It's mostly grey, black and brown dressed people.)


Jun. 14th, 2008 | 12:17 pm
location: My rooooooom
mood: happy and hungry happy and hungry
music: Nyphetamine Overdose - Cradle of Filth

So, everybody probably knows that I have my oral history exam this monday, that's two days or 48 hours left. History is something I suck at. But I feel that I'm doing good. Yesterday me, Kirby and Time Bending Juggernaut Lazer Eyes Raptor Vlad the God had a discussion. It was more like a chit chat about random history, but I felt that all of us knew a sufficient amount of history to actually get a good grade, and we had not read everything! I feel that this can be good. I am actually glad I got history, better than Norwegian.

So, what's todays agenda? Post this blog, relax a bit, take a shower, read history, eat some more, read history, go to my mothers place and eat dinner, come back here and read some more history, eat some snacks and read a bit history while browsing the internet/irc/maybe some wii.

Yeah, a battle plan of quality! If I read too much without pause my brain shuts down and I fall asleep. Yesterday, while reading about the Russian revolution, I fell asleep. So, unlike my friends I have a limit, and if I exceed pain will haunt me. It's hard being Kubawuba.

I feel that this is one of the most constructive blogs I've written in ages. Maybe that's good every once in a while. Anyways, have a good day and see you all later!

The Legend of Kuba: The List of Time

Jun. 11th, 2008 | 11:19 am
location: Behind a screen
mood: happy happy
music: Gerudo Vally - The Legend of Zelda: The Ocarina of Time

Maybe Schindler's? Or Kuba's. Kuba's list of stuff. Yeah, everyone is making them now, and I don't really like following "trends", but since this is a bit different I'll give it a shot. So what shall Kubawuba name this list? Kuba's magnificent list of things he want to do before he turns 25 years old? In advance, sorry Iluvatar and Sonia for copying some of your points/ideas^⊥^
Hey, I'm beautiful Chris, and this is Kuba's top 50 things he want to do before he turns 25!

1. Cosplay many different anime characters
2. Live in Japan
3. Master Japanese
4. Watch all my anime
5. Learn to play an instrument (like violin, piano or organ)
6. Meet wii-maniacs people
7. Update my wardrobe to a more Aristrocrat theme. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aristocrat_%28fashion%29)
8. Go to an Ali Project concert
9. Pilot a Knightmare Frame (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Knightmare_Frame)
10. Become better at drawing
11. Become better at writing
12. Make a manga/doujin
13. Become a game/anime/manga designer/producer/writer
14. Own a cute little cat that loves me
15. Master the art of food making
16. Work as a butler
17. Make someone admire me
18. Continue with my reptile study
19. Visit Australia Zoo
20. Become even more prettier
21. Become a knight
22. Start a band with my friends and name it Ragnarockers (it will be a death/heavy metal viking rock band with songs based on Norse mythology and viking legends)
23. To become a vampire (like those in Vampire Knight)
24. To live forever
25. Get the motorcycle license
26. Visit an anime/manga/ expo in Japan
27. Write a book on Indirect Stress Symptoms
28. Write poems and songs of quality
29. Become popular among Japanese schoolgirls
30. Spend lots of money on anime and manga stuff like figures and wall-scrolls
31. Become better at losing gracefully
32. Train in the mountains with martial artists and monks and fight bears
33. Meet some of my favorite artists, such as Mizuki Kawashita, Jin Kobayashi, CLAMP, Kiyohiko Azuma and Ken Akamatsu.
34. Continue learning German
35. Assist Jonas in taking over the world
36. To hear my favorite 80s music live, like Depeche Mode, Queen (revive Freddy!) and Duran Duran
37. To go hiking in even more mountains
38. Own an insect free cottage in Denmark where my grandparents live
39. Visit the big Christmas towns;
Cologne, Vienna, Nuremberg, Dresden, Brussels, Munich, Prague, Berlin and Copenhagen in December
40. Go to a traditional Japanese festival wearing traditional Japanese clothes
41. Teach English at a Japanese school
42. Work at a Japanese inn
43. Host a radio program
44. Become a worthy successor of  my clans name
45. Become more healthy
46. Get accepted into my future Japanese neighborhood
47. Live in a traditional Japanese home
48. Adopt my Japanese daughter
49. Raise the greatest daughter ever raised
50. Be the greatest father ever

That seems to be my list of 50 things I want to do before I turn 25. I want to do them before I die too, if I die that is. It's quite hard to do all those things within six and a half year.

Thank you! And good night!


Jun. 5th, 2008 | 07:19 pm
location: My uncomfy chair
mood: happy and hungry happy and hungry
music: Sensou to Heiwa - Ali Project (awesome song:D)

People hardly request anything from me. It might have something to do with my lack of special skills or maybe all my friends do more or less the same as I do. But I shall now write in my blog since Sonia wanted something to read. And I shall write something of value. Or not. Blogs are hard to fill out. I do nothing everyday. Nothing that people don't know that I do. I eat, sleep, watch anime, chats on IRC and msn, go to school, play games and read manga. So to make it more exciting I'm going to go deeper on the subjects.

What games do Kuba play? Well, I do play whatever I want to, I can't specify it. I love some jrpgs, but hate others. I love some rpgs and hate others. Hate is maybe not the right word, but dislike. I also dislike some rts and like some other. I have some special favorites though. Right now I'm playing Brawl and Pokemon Emerald/Diamond. I also love playing Zelda games, like Ocarina of Time and Twilight Princess. And some Final Fantasy games, like 6,7 and 10/10-2. I love the Kingdom Hearts series and I like the newest Fire Emblem. I've also been playing Half Life 2 lately.

What anime does Kuba watch? Everything. That is my motto. To watch the best (and some bad series) from each genre. Right now its Pokemon, Kamen no Maid Guy, Furi Kuri, Tales of Eternia, Black Blood Brothers, Maria-sama ga Miteru the 3rd and my all time favorite Code Geass Hangyaku no Lelouch R2. I also love the Marimite series (Maria-sama ga Miteru) and Kamen no Maid Guy is hilarious.

What manga is Kuba reading? Shoujo manga! And I have a lot of it. Google Shoujo Beat for more information.

Just remembered one thing I think I know more then the most about, reptiles. I used to be a huge, really huge fan of them. Reading a lot of books and watching the Crocodile Hunter and all reptile programs at Animal Planet. My mother was a huge fan of Steve Irwin, so we often watched it together when I was little. Good old Steve was the man. To bad he's dead. I also wanted to be a veterinarian. I still love animals though, and find them quite amusing. The same goes for reptiles and birds. I just don't feel like reading too much about it. But it will probably be something I'll do later on.

Well, good enough blog for ya? Probably not, so the rolling turtles path have not been crossed until I say what has not been said and shall not be expressed as toxic. Good night.


Jun. 3rd, 2008 | 08:27 am
location: My tired mind
mood: happy and tired happy and tired
music: 纏われし者ら - Ali Project

Everyone knows how Kubawuba is. He is always happy (almost). But there are sometimes when the darkness consumes him and makes him quite angry for a happy man to be. He gets eyes of red and a daemons temper. Never cross his path if you don't intend to die. He will suck out your soul and consume your body!

Yeah, that's how I'm like in the mornings or when I lose a lot at games I believe I'm good at, like the Super Smash Bros. series or Timeshift. I'm probably more angry now than I used to be, but you know. Everybody changes for the better, or the worse. And I can't control everything. Some of it happens out of random events that changes your life.

I can talk about my mornings though, I get up, take a shower, get back to sleep, get dressed, eat breakfast and go to school with Kirby_Cola. This is the days I start 8. When I'm starting 10 its more like, wake up, fall asleep, wake up, fall asleep, wake up, fall asleep, wake up, take a shower, fall asleep, wake up, get dressed, fall asleep, wake up, go to school. And when I get home from school I usually sleep a little, depends on the situation. Like now, when it's so hot outside I can't sleep because of the heat. 

The heat, why can't it rain? I might be the happy person (almost at all times) but I do love the occult and dark. Especially the Gothic Lolita style, really Gothic themes, as in the period, boy clothes too are quite cool. I want some. And I love vampires. Always did. Want to be like them, specially those you see in manga. Pretty boys, cold as ice, strong, loveless. Yeah, it's fun dreaming. But it's time for me to eat something or else I'll die I believe. Maybe some blood will do...

I'll also show you a sweet dream next night

The awesome day

May. 29th, 2008 | 10:37 pm
location: Boubble made of pink that is
mood: happy happy
music: Nighttrain - Guns 'N Roses

Today was awesome. I had my maths exam. I had fun. Nah, not really. The first 3 tasks were hard as hell. So I started hating everything I heard. And that was too much. You know how much people cough? I was this | | close form just getting out my chair and friggin kill everyone in the single room with it! I was pissed off. And me pissed of is hell. Ever seen me an early early school day? No, that's because I refuse to wake up. But say you manage it, I will rip your head off and eat it. As long as you're not Jonas. I overly respect Jonas. Maybe I fear him. Probably. My exam went fine, I promise. The last two tasks was things I like, like the Fibonacci numbers etc. And I must say too myself. I am glad that I got maths as my final written exam. It kind of finished all this stupid school things. Now I'm one exam from done and I'm rushing headlong!

So what do I do now? I wait, that is what I do. I wait, until the day I am qualified to adopt my Japanese daughter. To be honest. I start to run empty. I have absolutely nothing to write about. It's like the world crumbles around me in an inferno of nothingness. My mind becomes clear. Not clear as in good but as in empty. I just wanted to write the word clear there.Yes, clear, clear skies and ice cream. I feel the inspiration fall down on me like led rain from the morbid sky. Oh the earthly powers guide me! I feel for you, I think I love you!

Let me rock you! Let me rock you! That's all I wanna do. Let me rock you! Let me rock you! Let me rock you 'cause I feel for you. Won't you tell me what you wanna do? Do you feel for me the way I feel for you? Let me tell you what I wanna do, I wanna love you, wanna hug you, wanna squeeze you too. Let me take you in my arms. Let me fill you with my charms 'cause you know that I'm the one to keep you warm. I'll make it more than just a physical dream. I wanna rock you baby, 'cause you make me wanna scream. Let me rock you! Rock you!

Or something like that. It was an awesome day and my mind is in clearness sky oh wilderness can't you see why I deny the reasons I cannot fly so let me die in happy in they arms oh dearest princess i am to shy to confront my own way.

It's nobody elses fault so don't do it!

May. 28th, 2008 | 11:22 pm
location: My cosy bed
mood: happy and tired happy and tired
music: White Lines (Don't Don't Do It) - Grandmaster Flash & Melle Mel

Faith. It's a beautiful word. And I have it. Tons of it. Maybe not right now, since I'm exhausted. But tomorrow I will have plenty of it. If I lived in a fantasy story I would be the handsome knight in shiny white armour. And I would serve as comic relief and handsomeness. Nothing more.

Today was the last day. Tomorrow is the day we all have been waiting for. Chris' math exam! I, Franz Doitzel Kaiser the III commands myself to pass that exam! I'm to addicted to Code Geass. But I have to use every means necessary. And after that exam, only one remains. My oral exam. The worst of them all.

Anyways, tomorrow will be a standard blog. And I shall celebrate my victory! And I shall continue to fight! Now what am I talking about. Mah, nothing to talk about. Talk about something... I got it. Uhuhuuhu...lets reveal something secret. I love 80s music. Even 80s hip-hop. Because I don't feel it like hip hop. It feels like a part of my childhood. I grew up with 80s music and only 80s music. And some Beetles + John Lennon.

(Ooh White Lines) Vision dreams of passion
(Blowin’ through my mind) and all the while I think of you
(High price) a very strange reaction
(For us to unwind) the more I see, the more I do
(Something like a phenomenon) Baby!
(Tellin your body to come along, but white lines blow away)
(Blow! Rock it! Blow!)


May. 22nd, 2008 | 11:31 pm
location: A funny place
mood: and overjoyed and overjoyed
music: Polysics - Peach Pie on the Beach

I need a big ass rock.
Maybe something like a cinder block.

And I need it now. The stones are killing them all. Poor stones. No I'm not drunk. Just a little normal. That's all. Life's a bitch and then you die my English teacher told me. Well she was wrong. Because I can't have English exam. I've gotta have math. I suck at it. Why couldn't it be English? Poor Kuba wuba. Those stones sure killed my rocks.

Lets talk about something happy. I like wine. And I like girls. That makes me me. Really indeed. But still another question. What do I really care about? I seem to discard all my women (oh yeah, lots of them. They ask me out every day) and I dislike watching anime with friends. Even listening to j-pop/j-rock. Wow, I must love being alone. Nah, not really. Sometimes yes, when I look at my roof and think about everything and nothing. Mostly how to raise my daughter, solving world problems and designing fancy characters/scenarios. Yeah, but what about the math! I've better read. But I hate reading math. I should have chosen something else. Like biology.

Stones are ok, but rocks own stones. And that is a fact. Now black is white and white is dark pink. And fact is proven by my birthright. Now, kill stuff and eat stones. Not rocks. They don't deserve it. And I need more blacklight. Blacklight. What can blacklight be. A dark light. A light that is black. Or maybe a sound. Since dark light is as much humbug as free chicken.

Thank you and good night!

My daughter

May. 21st, 2008 | 07:27 pm
location: My livingroom
mood: happy happy
music: Mony Mony - Billy Idol

My favorite subject after me. My daughter will be adopted. So I hope I get one with good genes. And I will raise her to become the prettiest of them all. Teach her everything about anime, manga, games and the 80s, especially the music. And I will make her wear traditional Japanese clothes along with skirts, dresses and suits. I will also train her into a good cook.

Her mentor should be Jonas. Because he is strict. He will teach her good etiquette and physics. I will of course be the father, don't get me wrong. Me and Jonas living under the same roof? That would end up in a nuclear war. And I must teach her that it is important to always be happy and smile. Me as mentor will only teach her how to be lazy. That would of course give her a nice character but, no. I can't have someone as stupid as me as my successor. Of course, the adopted girl is 100% pure Japanese, and I will raise her in Japan. But I'll teach her good English and Norwegian. My baby girl with three languages at hand! Probably German later because over half of my family talks it. But I can't force her to do that. I never finished my German course. Why should I force her to do that?

My daughter will be a nice one who loves and takes cares of her father. A levelheaded girl with a nice sense of fashion and that enjoys manga every now and then(while her father spends half his wages on manga and video games). Actually, when I think of it. My daughter will be a Touru Honda / Aoi Sakuraba / Yakumo Tsukamoto kind of character. Oh how I love to just make characters!:D